Well Done Verb!

Verb made the newspapers with their outstanding product, well done!


Using Nested Functions in C#


We currently have a templating API system where this allows developers to use a combination of C# and HTML markup to customized the display of the client’s websites. In this case, I needed a way to quickly perform some calculations and formatting without having to declare the function at design-time. My problem was I was to pass in a Boolean, a integer and a string that performed specific logic to produce a outcome (a string).


I was able to use a Func delegate specifying the parameter types and the return type. With a help of Lambda expressions I was able to capture the input of the three variables and return the result.

Func<bool, int, String, String> nestedFunction = (b, i, s) => { //Do something return s; };
String foo = nestedFunction(true,1,”format string”);



CodeLab and SPF Multimedia Collaborate!

CodeLab and SPF Multimedia have officially entered into a collaboration business of providing the education sector with “turn key” websites to help institutions get setup to use specialized e-learning websites. CodeLab will provide the technical aspects of the business including database administration, technical support and custom software development.