Data in SSRS Report Header

Here is a tip for displaying data from data-sets into the Page Header/Footer of a SSRS report.   Traditional the hacky way of performing such tasks is to have a hidden text-box in the body of the report with the respective data-set field value.   You can then get the value of this text-box in your page header doing the following: =ReportItems!txtBox1.Value.    The major issue here is that the data is not available on multiple pages, so if your report has a large data set you will notice the value will not be shown on each page.

A better solution is to create a new internal report parameter that references a field value from the selected data set.   You can make the report parameter internal and reference it in your report header by doing the following: =Parameters!myParameter.Value.

Its cleaner and is available on every page.


Vertical Text Rotation in SSRS Text Boxes

If you are trying to make text display/rotate vertically, try changing the text box’s writing mode to tb-rl.