Exam 70-536 Part 1 – The journey begins…

I’m beginning my journey into the world of Microsoft Certification.   Why? The biggest reason is that the company I’m working for encourages professional development so I have taken up the challenge and the opportunity to sit a few Microsoft Exams.   But my biggest reason why is getting one step closer to obtaining a Doctorate in IT.   Well, lets take a step back…its a step closer to obtain a Masters degree from Charles Sturt University (Master’s in System Development .NET stream).  Yes, you can credit your .NET 3.5 exams towards a masters degree.

So, I will be studying my way through the Application Framework Foundation Microsoft Training Kit, but I came across this interesting Wiki which is kept up to date: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/.NET_Development_Foundation.

Wish me luck..until part 2.



IT Masters Degree Programme

toolbar.phtml -> Magento 1.4 error

Came across this error in toolbar.phtml for Magento 1.4:

Warning: Invalid argument suppplied for foreach() line 51.

Fix is available from here (this is only a fix, it doesn’t solve the problem – The paging is removed).



Guidelines for Managing Evolutionary Information Systems

Here is a paper that I wrote several years ago that covers some in-depth research regarding manging for-ever changing systems in a Agile way.   I have attached the full paper as a PDF here Guidelines for Managing Evolutionary Information Systems


“A competitive advantage comes only with superior IT.” – (Aetna Healthcare Chairman/CEO Richard Huber)

Organisations are faced with difficult challenges when strategic decisions are made to upgrade, migrate, integrate or even re-develop their information systems.   While business processes are forever changing so does the need to keep their information systems functioning to the required specifications.

“Better! Cheaper! Faster!”

During the 1990’s this was the theme for IT project management.

“To produce better and cheaper products or services and get them to market quicker requires better, cheaper, faster processes.”

In today’s information systems, the model has matured and we factor in the following themes:

  • Do it right the first time
  • Do only manageable portions at a time
  • Do it in a reusable and adaptable manner

Agile Practices (AP) and Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) include these themes in managing the development of information systems.

In this paper we provide a solution to help IT managers execute an efficient and agile way of managing the process of upgrading/developing their information systems.


Tim Brown – Guidelines for Managing Evolutionary Information Systems