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Quotes from Clients/Project Managers

Here are some quotes that clients/project managers have asked me while working in the web development industry:

Can you do me a wee favour?

Can you do this 10 minute job for me?

I have this small problem I need you to fix

This job should only take an hour!

The website is broken

Yes, all of the functionality meets our requirements..but can we just do this instead?

  1. The last one really hits home for me :P

    The worst type I’ve encountered can’t be summarized into a quote, but it goes like this;

    Client requests a new feature with a strict deadline and no real spec. just some vague implications such as “just like they do on this site (insert link to completely unrelated website)”

    developer then implements the feature as he/she understood it, and finishes just before the deadline…

    the client comes back and says its not what they wanted..

    developer complains about lack of spec; and the cycle continues..

  2. i’m attending a SCRUM course at the moment, I can see huge benifits of using SCRUM to solve this particular problem. Yea, its difficult when the client doesn’t know what they want to get value for their own business. This is where a BA would come in or someone who has experience with identifying the client’s business values/requirements and can translate them into requirements that will eventuially add value to the client. I should be a Certified Scrum Master in the next few days :)