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Scrum training – what can I expect?

I’m on a scrum training course tomorrow to be a Certified Scrum master.   To me though, what I want to get out of this experience is:

  • How can scrum be applied to an organisation where they do not use develop their own software but rather develop custom solutions for their clients?
  • How can scrum be applied to projects where projects can be as small as 1-2days of development time to projects that can take several months?
  • What tools are best used with scrum from a project management perspective, does Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 handle scrum better?
  • What can I expect when trying to change a whole team of developers who use a combination of different software development methodologies?
  • What can I expect when trying to change  an organisation who has developed their own software methodology built on years of trial and error?

To be continued…perhaps I will know the answers in a few days time!

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