Unable to update the EntitySet because it has a DefiningQuery and no element exists in the element to support the current operation.

I came across this error Unable to update the EntitySet because it has a DefiningQuery and no element exists in the element to support the current operation.. This was because there was a change in the database but it wasn’t reflected in the EDMX file. The exact details was a relationship was deleted but the change wasn’t picked up in the Entity Framework which caused the error.

Installing Windows 8 on VM Player 4+

I got the following error when trying to install Windows 8 preview on VM Player.
The com­puter restarted unex­pect­edly or encoun­tered an unex­pected error. Win­dows instal­la­tion can­not pro­ceed. To install Win­dows, click ‘OK’ to restart the com­puter, and then restart the installation.

When installing on VMware Work­sta­tion 8:

  1. Use Typ­i­cal (Easy install)
  2. Point to .iso file, Dis­re­gard warn­ing about failed OS detec­tion.
  3. Choose Win­dows 7 x64 or Win­dows 7
  4. Type a login name. Ignore prod­uct key and pass­word.
  5. Name your vir­tual machine and choose a loca­tion.
  6. Set HDD as 20GB in 1 file.
  7. Cus­tomize hard­ware: Set mem­ory at 2 GB RAM. Keep 1 CPU/Core. Remove floppy drive and printer from HW con­fig­u­ra­tion.
  8. When the vir­tual machine starts boot­ing, click on the floppy drive icon, and choose dis­con­nect. Thus you won’t be using the autoinst.flp con­fig­u­ra­tion file, and the instal­la­tion will progress with­out a hitch.

Credits to this link

MySqlConnector working on Visual Studio 2011 Beta

I’m currently working on a project using the latest and greatest (perhaps not?) Visual Studio 2011 Beta with mysql. It’s quite a painful task at the moment as i’m using the Entity Framework as my ORM. However, for all of you who want to get the MySqlConnector working with Visual Studio 2011 Beta, then I suggest you visit this page. It’s in a different language so make sure you have your favorite language translator ready. It’s a good start, but it still doesn’t integrate into the Entity Framework section so you cannot generate models etc from mysql databases in VS 2011 Beta. At the moment I’m using the Code First approach with an existing mysql database and using the Fluent API to map the fields together, what a task!