Installing Windows 8 on VM Player 4+

I got the following error when trying to install Windows 8 preview on VM Player.
The com­puter restarted unex­pect­edly or encoun­tered an unex­pected error. Win­dows instal­la­tion can­not pro­ceed. To install Win­dows, click ‘OK’ to restart the com­puter, and then restart the installation.

When installing on VMware Work­sta­tion 8:

  1. Use Typ­i­cal (Easy install)
  2. Point to .iso file, Dis­re­gard warn­ing about failed OS detec­tion.
  3. Choose Win­dows 7 x64 or Win­dows 7
  4. Type a login name. Ignore prod­uct key and pass­word.
  5. Name your vir­tual machine and choose a loca­tion.
  6. Set HDD as 20GB in 1 file.
  7. Cus­tomize hard­ware: Set mem­ory at 2 GB RAM. Keep 1 CPU/Core. Remove floppy drive and printer from HW con­fig­u­ra­tion.
  8. When the vir­tual machine starts boot­ing, click on the floppy drive icon, and choose dis­con­nect. Thus you won’t be using the autoinst.flp con­fig­u­ra­tion file, and the instal­la­tion will progress with­out a hitch.

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Referenced Projects in a solution disappear on compile time Visual Studio 2010

Take the following example of a solution:

  • MyProject
  • MyProject.Core
  • MyProject.Infrasturcture

I decide to add a new console application called MyProject.Console. I reference the MyProject.Core into this console application. Everything is working fine until I try to build and run the console application. I get a error saying “Could not find the referenced Assembly.”.

I figured out that when I created the new console application in Visual Studio 2010 it defaulted to .NET 4 Client Profile as the framework and not .NET 4. This is because all my other projects were using the .NET 4 framework.

References is live!

A group of us have been working on creating a new tech, geek, gadget site which includes news on the latest trends of all types of technology including mobile devices, smart phones, computers and a whole lot more!   A special thanks to Andy at GT Solutions (, Seruni at Madcow Solutions and all the guys who put the effort into making this site great!

Check it out today!

A way around page refreshes/back button problems with a simple concept

The problem:

You have a form in which the user fills out and clicks a “submit” button that validates their input, does some processing and output’s some results. The problem being the application needs to cater for page refreshes, back buttons and the case of the page being submitted more than once (latency/slow internet connection).

The Solution:

Possible solutions can be (this assumes not using Ajax as a solution), once the user clicks the submit button the server validates the user’s input and has processed the information. Store a unique id in session and redirect to a “complete” page. If the user clicks the back button and resubmits the page, you can build logic to check if a unique id exists in session and if it does, redirect to the complete page without having to re-process the information.

If the user is on the complete page and refreshes the page, because its on a page which has used a GET, there is no processing done and hence no duplication of data.


Facebook “like” button API rocks!

You can now add the “like” button on to your own webpage by using either their iframe html markup or using the new Javascript SDK which is more flexible than the iframe solution.

You can see a live example of this on which uses the like button on each product listed on the website.

Or you can test it out here

Just make sure that you set the height css as by default it’s not set which is annoying!


Timaru District Council is on Youtube!

You can view the photos taken as a time lapse video from the Timaru District Council’s web cam here.    I implemented the software and web cam back in the days when I was apart from the IT team, and they since have extended it further to make good use of it.  Well done!

Quotes from Clients/Project Managers

Here are some quotes that clients/project managers have asked me while working in the web development industry:

Can you do me a wee favour?

Can you do this 10 minute job for me?

I have this small problem I need you to fix

This job should only take an hour!

The website is broken

Yes, all of the functionality meets our requirements..but can we just do this instead?